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10-pair Disconnection Module (KRONE)
8-pair Disconnection Module (KRONE HIGHBAND)
10-pair POUYET connection Module
8-pair POUYET connection Module
10-pair QUANTE SID-C Disconnection Module
1-pair Disconnection Module with protection
10-pair Disconnection Module
10-pair Switching Module
10-pair Profile Disconnection Module
5-pair Disconnection Module
2/38 Profile Earth Module
Drop wire Connection Module 5/10 with earth bar
25-pair Cat.5 Connection Module
8-pair Digital Disconnection module
110-type 4-pair Cat.5 connection block
Connection Module for PCB
Cat.5 IBD-type 25-pair Module
25-pair cable wire connecting module
25-pair cable wire multi-connecting module
Button-shape wire connector

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